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Cartex Motors Vicky-manager Car repossed while under good payment status Houston, Texas!!. Car was reposed due to lack of maintaining insurance and I now since have insurance but the dealership is requesting I pay off full loan in order to get my car back. I have paid for two years and in good standing and explained to the manager “Vicky” that an error occurred on my electronic withdrawal for my insurance while I was out on vacation and was not expecting for this this to happen. I paid my insurance as soon a I checked my bank account and saw the insurance payment was not deducted. The following morning I called and paid my insurance in order to be in good standing. I called the dealership several times since 8 am and was told that “Vicky” was the only person that could help me and that she was not in. But that I would need to pay the towing fee which I questioned since the car was not towed it was driven off by someone who pulled up to the car and another person got out and entered my car with a key (this was recorded by the cameras at my apartments. At 11:25am I was able to speak with “Vicky” who spoke broken English, and I asked her how I could get my car back and she said since car was reposed I would need to pay full loan amount. I informed her that I was not default in the loan and contract doesn’t state that for “failure to maintain insurance” it can be reposed. I asked for her boss or supervisor and her exact response was “God” I was very offended and surprised that she as a manager would say that. I asked her who would I need to contact above her and she said “you can talk to God”. I then told her that need to seek further assistance since she was not able to assist me.

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