Caruso Dancesport


RUN THE OTHER WAY! Angelo Caruso (Owner of Caruso Dancesport) is a liar and a thief! He’ll be so nice and caring while signing you up for lessons. WATCH OUT! | After you’ve been taking lessons for a while and you’ve become friends, he’ll ask you for money. When it’s time to pay you back, he’ll tell you it was a gift and not a loan. Or, he’ll want to take out the money he owes you in lessons. AND, he’ll charge you a lot more for each lesson! | I know what I’m talking about. Just go to any other dance studio, ask them about Angelo Caruso (tell them to be truthful) and they’ll tell you how horrible he is. Look him up on “Google” or look up his credit report. All you’ll see is judgement after judgement. He pays nobody back. | I see a woman named “Beverly” also made a report and Angelo answered all was straightened out. I know nothing has been straightened out and it wasn’t just a little thing. I’m when he puts in a rebuttal to this report, he’ll tell you it was all my fault, or everything has been straightened out. (Nothing had been straightened out. | He owe me lots of money and had not and will not pay me back a penny. Please, please, please DON’T GO NEAR HIM. There are many other dance studios you could go to. | Look at his website, he doesn’t even have a place for “reviews” unless you go to “google.” Does that tell you anything? | At this point, I don’t want to spend the money for an attorney and court, then have another judgement as I’d be on the bottom of a very long list and never get paid back. I do look every once in a while and nothing has changed. this guy is nothing but a gigolo, a liar and a thief!

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