CarXenonHIDKits Groupe Samcan. Inc .DAVE Sold a kit that would not fit the described vehicle Ile-Des-Soeurs Quebec!!. Bought a hid kit for my motor cycle and it would not fit (was listed as specific for my bike) Was shipped from a USA post . Called and explaned the problem Had to call several times and finally got a RMA ,But had to return it to a canada address . They said they would cover the cost of the return shipping($26.25 usd) Finally got a partial refund Called again and told me there was a restocking fee ,after many more calls they did refund the restock fee. Still did not get the shipping fee refund ,several more calls and they said they had refunded it and didnt know why it did not go through said they would process it again Several more calls and emails and the same story No refund .I payed with Pay Pal and called them they said they would contact the seller,and monitor them , No response This went on from Dec.2018 utill Feb.2019 They are They are also listed as Hid Kit Store with an email of [email protected] // The RMA i got fromthem is #24094and the order # is 56124placed on Dec.9 all my emails ans phone calls were answered by someone calling himself Dave.

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