Casa De Laguna – Playa Bonita Condominiums 703 Review


I’ve been going to Puerto Vallarta for many years and usually stay at Playa Bonita Condominiums. The location is wonderful. Unfortunately, my normal preferred rental was not available. I located Casa De Laguna (Unit 703 – Playa Bonita Condominiums) online by searching for other rentals in the building. The initial transaction went great. The owner was responsive and dealt with the contracts quickly. Then it went down hill. We stayed from Jan 18-26. The fridge didn’t work the entire time and despite several emails the owner never responded. No safe place to store food, no cold beer. Another review on flipkey mentions a broken fridge in January so I’m very curious if they were there before or after us. Can’t wait to learn. The condo has great qualities, is clean but worn. Broken blinds, patio furniture past it’s use period, squealing fans, patio doors stick, bbq equipment rusted out, outdoor fridge rusted out and roof leaks when it rains. What pushed us over the edge however was not getting the deposit timely. First excuse was he was out of town. Weeks later, second excuse was funds tied in dispute with an Ex. He promised quick payment. Finally I told him we were going to small claims court. Third no payment reason: he produces a picture taken on 04/11/14 showing a badly damaged door jam. He claims it was done during our January stay. How did the cleaning crew not report a half missing door jam during our final clean? The property has also been rented since our visit and no one mentions damage until April? Besides the suspicious timing, we have documentation that it’s a lie. We’ll use that documentation in small claims to retrieve our deposit. I highly recommend renting in Playa Bonita Condominiums but beware of Casa De Laguna, unit 703. You can find other units that are kept up better and with responsive, honest owners.

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