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Their bait and switch tactics and used car salesmen lying tactics is outrageous. I was offered 2 nights free at the Plaza in Las Vegas to listen to their timeshare sales pitch. I asked how much it would be for 2 additional nights. I was told $190 and I would get a $100 Visa after the presentation. I asked if that included the resort fees, since I could book at The Plaza for $7 a night cheaper and not have to go to their presentation. I was assured the resort fee was included and asked again if it was $100 visa or a restaurant card, it was a visa. I go to pay and again ask if that total included the resort fee, it did. My significant other was listening to the conversation. This was in Feb 2016. So today 4-18-16 I get a call to schedule my time for presentation, go thru the whole thing again, then she verifies 4 nights at $190 and resort fees are NOT covered. I told her that it not what I was told, and pull the recording, she does not have a recording, but the day after I paid I was supposedly emailed a confirmation that the resort fee was not covered and I had 7 days from that day to cancel. I was suppose to go the end of May and told them to cancel, of course she refused. I asked for a manager, supposedly she was the guest services manager. I then asked for the designated agent, or registered agent, she said they did not have one. I explained every business had one, and it was usually an attorney. She assured me she did not have one. I then asked for the name and number for their legal department, she then told me only my attorney could talk to theirs, which is a lie. | She asked what I wanted done, I said I wanted a refund, said she couldn’t so I said I would go the legal route, and said goodbye and hung up. By the way the Manager is Johnathan Lee and their legal registered agent is Greene, Roberts, and Rasmussen | 8485 W Sunset Rd | Ste 28 | Las Vegas, NV 89113

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