Casandra Ramirez – Garland, Texas Texas


My husband and I separated we decided to go to counseling and work this out. But he would come to my house every 2-3 days to have sex. Since we were still together. This went on from November through December. Last time we had sex was on dec 27. It was really odd because he would come with an appetite to eat ASS. He would not wash his mouth after this act which I thought was strange. I did not kiss him after witnessing this. On new years eve he worked and when he left work i found him coming out the restaurant with this fat ugly thing. They both denied knowing each other. I decided to tell her that I was informed that my husband gave me herpes and HPV. of course she did not believe me . Also of the ASS eating.. this did not seem to bother her. She must have love the taste. I asker her I practically begged her to tell me if there was a thing going on. She denied. I told her I dont trust him and he keeps telling me lies. He is telling me I am imagining all of this. She said the same thing. She even sent me text telling me that he loved me ad to work things out ect. Now I blame him 100% but when you flat out lie and lie to cover a cheater then there is something wrong with you as well. Over 500 messages telling me she don’t know him, your husband loves you ect.. She is 2o year old overweight triple neck server, She wears tons of make up. Now let me tell you that my husband had mentioned that if we ever divorced he would get a young fat girl, no kids, and with citizenship. So this is why I knew when I saw her. he told me that an overweight young girl would be more controlable and would not stray because of weight. One night I tracked him via android device manager and I followed them into a parking lot. They were parked and within minutes of arriving she got in the backseat. He never took this woman to a motel or out to eat, movies. It was a hit and quit it at the parking lot. From what he said this girl worked hard, had no kids and would be perfect since I kicked him out. He would try to move in with her and save $$$ He was looking for HELP $$ and she was the perfect target. since he never had to wine or dine her. This was the perfect catch to start new and be own his own without having to pay all the BILLS. She is now in the HERPES club of America if she is having relations with agustin mejia. She was caught in the backseat of this truck She keeps telling me I’m alone and he don’t want me. Yet Auggie keeps calling me wanting to work things out. I might be old, fat and ugly but this pussy is still being begged for. ANd he is still depositing $$ in my account. She needs to work her 14 hr shift to take care of men. In one of her post she bragged about working overtime to take care of her man!! I don’t know about that type of life. I work for my things not to take care of no MAN…. I guess that is what men see in her… A MEAL ticket! Her young ex left her fat ass for a skinnier girl since no young guys will talk to her…. she has to go with OLD ASS men that not even the wife wants. He is just as nasty because this HIPPO is all the can get. This fat thing has the nerve to call me fat. I guess taking only headshots only to hide her fat butt has gotten to her head. I have also included a text where she admits fucking my husband… now she’s back to denying after she has learned that this man has HERPES, MONO, and HPV. Also my ex was making fun of the fact that her live in boyfriend beat her up for being a homewrecker… but I doubt it since he is a Liar and I don’t believe anything they say. He said he felt sorry for her FAT ass. LIE And yes I will posting that herpes infected man so everyone will know the piece if sh*t he is.

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