Casey Ivey Steadham Florida Florida


I let this slut bag and her teenage daughter move in to our house due to her not being able to afford her house. I had this horrible gut feeling so I was going to talk to my husband but he had fallen asleep. So I looked at his phone and there was a”new text icon” so I simply looked to see who it was and I saw a nasty fat pic at the top…and texts about what he was gonna do when she moved out… Was he gonna find a new girl friend. I then flew off and punched him to wake him up.  Then screenshot all the messages to my phone so he couldn’t delete… Then I flew into her room. || Took every bit of me not to go to jail. Yet…. He hauled a$$ out of the house and then I threw her stuff around the house, trying to call her out of her room and she tells me it’s been going on for 2 years…. That’s how long she has lived there…. That was half of our marriage.

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