Cash Now USA Advance- Officer Chris Jones


This so called Officer Chris Jones contacted me to tell me that I owe money to Cash Now USA Advance and and that I had a warrant out for my arrest. couldn’t tell me the exact time frame that I supposedly took out a payday loan. I asked if I have a judgement against me, what is the name of the company the phone number and their address. He said they no longer want to talk to me. I said well let me talk to the Attorney for the case and what is my case number? He said, I wasn’t being sued as of yet and If I don’t go ahead and pay the money an officer from my local police department will show up to my home of residence to arrest me. He said in harassing words "Just give me a half and hour and someone will be there to arrest me." Wow! isn’t that crazy. I look through all my bank statements and tried to find the so called Cash Now USA and couldn’t find anything but it is a scam!

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