CashCall Complaint


At the inception of the loan, cash call did not take the 1st months payment automatially from my checking account instead they waited a month, then tried to charge me penalty fees and interest. When I instructed my bank not to accept any further attempts from cash call until I settled the matter with them, they tried to take the money again. I contacted cash call and told them that they must stop violating the law. They then said, they would waive all fees and late charges and try again on a specific date I tell them to remove the funds. I agreed and told them to take the funds on the 5th of each month, beginning in 30 days, becuase I only got paid once every 30 days. What they did, was try to take the money a day early. As a result no funds were present and they tried again to take extra penalties and fees. I put a stop to the payments at that time and told them to cease and desist because they violated the terms of the contract. Therefore invalidating the contract. From that time on about 9 years ago, they have been ruthless, calling, sending threating letters, and special offers to settle with an outrageous intrest addition, they took it to small claims court, without notifying me or giving me any kind of notice and got a illegal judgement. Nothing happened until recently when suddenly I get this threating collection letter. Threatning to garnish wages. I am unemployed and that really is something I did not want to hear. Put these people behind bars for 20 or more years will you. They are no better than the mafia.

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