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Complaint: Be warned! This business markets a one year joint venture for $4k-$6,500, suggesting first year returns of $42k if you re-invest 30% of the profits monthly for advertising. If you ask to withdraw any of the profits, they will not give you anywhere near what is in your account balance with them, only offering a meager $800 of a $3,800 balance, for example. Then they will say that 100% of the clients are making money (except YOU) and pull a bait and switch, by saying you should re-invest $2500 a month for advertising to get back $5k a month. However, they make sure to note you may invest this $2,500 a month for a year and not get a profit. But then they say invest $25k a year and make $50k a year. Their sales rep, TJ, will tell you to put in $2500 a month for a $7500 a month profit. Both of their noted profits do not occur. It has been my experience in a year that I have not once made $2,500 a month based on their marketing promises, to pay for the $2,500 a month in advertising and certainly have not recouped the JV buy in. To date, the highest the account balance was was around $5800 and I’ve only received 2 checks from that account, one for $800 and another for $500 after many requests. I have written documentation that supports all of my statements. Moreover, they recieve the benefits of any advertising money you will pay for, while having poor communication and inflated monetary performance expectations. Coupled with this, they continue to have the audacity to ask for more advertising money for their benefit, while marketing more “business opportunities”” to you in which they will make money through affiliate commissions. RUN

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Website: Inc! They should be ashamed of stealing people’s hard earned money! If you have also experienced this as I know others have

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