Cassel Review


Matthew T. Hollenbach has caused property values to decrease and crime to increase by renting a home in our neighborhood to any derelict criminal he can find to cheat welfare. He is a liar and a scumbag who acts like he knows nothing – although he IS really stupid. I’ll give him that. He and his tenants and their LOSER friends have caused thousands of dollars in damages and since the convicted felon abusive POS he rents to – who beats his dogs all day – has no money, I will be suing this a*hole for making my house unliveable. Cassel Signs sucks to hire a loser like this creep. If you KNOW someone condones animals abuse, violence against women and children, etc., why would you hire them? Or use that business? If CASSEL is that desperate for employees, then there is something wrong with that business, too. There are LOTS of other sign shops with much better reviews and ratings in Lancaster, PA than this sleazebag company.. Matt Hollenbach SUCKS – and it’s going to cost him his house. LYING POND SCUM!


Name: Cassel

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Manheim

Address: 784 Fruitville Pike

Phone: 717.626.2558


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