Cassie Walker Shelby, North Carolina North Carolina


I had been with my daughter’s father for almost 5 years. Waited on him while he was in prison for 9 months when I was only 17 years old. At the time he was 25. In 2008, we had a beautiful baby girl. This girl was at one point in time one of my closest friends. I knew her before I knew my daughter’s father, the man pictured with her. . || I helped her get a job where I was working, only to find out when she had days off, while I was working, she was going to visit the first man I ever loved. Christmas night of 2009, she came over to just hang out, when my daughter went to bed, a short time later, her father and this HOE left together and have been together since.  They got married and had 2 children since then together. He doesn’t see my daughter and recently made a promise to help provide her with back to school items and I never saw a thing. All the while providing for her children including the child she had before him. Yet another home wrecker who needed to be EXPOSED!

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