Casting Factory Inc 86 – 416) 601 5419 Niagara falls Ontario Review


my story is literally identical to Magan of Burlington to the T. they called later March 2012, and even after i said i have to think about it and also i am going away for 2 weeks. they say, insisted by calling 4 times / day that i should come in right away, book and so when i am away they will sent out my pictures and starts getting auditions ready. Fool me i bought into it, even though giving almost 900.00 was too much. but Randy was a charming “talker”” and make you believe. and he too

was getting “”calls”” from his busy talents all over

making red flag was at the day of shooting his assistance and make up artist are sitting on stairwell

waiting for Randy to show up and unlock the doors.. what

an assistance does not have a key? ni wish i had the name of the photographer

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