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On Feb 13, 2017, I went for my first dental appointment with Castle Dental to have my teeth cleaned. My last cleaning was in Aug 2016. The reason for changing dentists was a forced change in insurance coverage. | From the information published for my dental plan, a cleaning was $15 copay for my part. I went to the appointment and the staff took xrays (they said because of first time visit) which was OK. They then had me to wait while they worked up what they called my chart. After approx 40 minutes, an employee came in and showed me a list of procedured that they said needed to be done. I explained that I had had cleanimgs every 6 months for at least 15 years and none of the items they listed were ever mentioned to me that they had to be done. I than rejected any additional procedured and asked for the cleaning which is what I came for. The office than refused to do a cleaning unless I also agreed to have all of the extra work they listed preformed. I asked again two additional times if they were refusing to clean my teeth and was told yes. | I than left their office (and paid the copay even though I did not receive any service).. I will not be returning to any HMO dentist office again!!!

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