Castle Payday Review


READ THE FINE PRINT! This company taught me a valuable lesson about fine print. | I was debited $350, then a few days later, $850. This was not my payment schedule or an agreement (that I entered into, knowingly, or with ALL the facts). Now I’m ridiculously overdrawn, and then when speaking to them about my issues with their business practices, they offered me a $1500 dollar loan (“to help”), which I immediately refused, it seems they would like to keep you, forever — and they’ll be happy to take all your money, and then some. (Please don’t fall for it, or you will be paying– A LOT). | I was misled, deceived, and used. This company is bad news. If you think this company will help you dig yourself out of a hole, you’re wrong, …you’ll be buried by the dirt, –the ridiculous finance fees, as well as the exorbitant interest rate. I do not recommend this company to anyone. I don’t know how this company gets around Usury Laws, but it’s exactly what they seem to be doing.


Name: Castle Payday

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Watersmeet

Address: N5384 US Highway 45 STE 400

Phone: (888) 945-2727


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