Castle Rock Auto LLC


Castle Rock Auto LLC Castle rock Avoid this guy as you would a syphilitic w**** Eugene Oregon!!. 1 He sold me a car that I liked, asked about a car fax and why rebuilt title “Well they had a fender bender ant the insurance called it totaled” Found out that 2 accidents, and repairs were “crap” according to Old Dominion auto body 2 Never sent my paper work in to DMV 3, went to his shop to get the title, and he physically attacked me, Sherriff called it mutual combat.. I am 61 years old, he broke my glasses and i never struck back, ,,, next time I will !! 4 title he gave me is for the wrong car!! 5 during all this I called at least 30 times, his response was “I lost my phone, and twice “my phone broke, 6 I will make it a minor task in my life to rune him out of the car business, this guy sucks 7 i asked about the excess damage he stated “you had a chance to inspect it, He did not even deny that he had lied I am sure he has excuses for his behavior, unless his phone is lost/broken I suggest you don’t believe anything this pendejo says or prints

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