Castle Tower Frenchies Review


I met Rebecca when her husband was painting curbs in my neighborhood and he saw my dog Marvin.He said my wife is a breeder and his wife Rebecca would love to see him. She came over that day and fell inlove with him. Said she had to have his bloodline in her kennel so we made a contract up. She would breed my dog with two of her dogs which happened. She talked me instead of getting one of the puppies i can have her dog sugar. I said ok well she lied about the dogs age and when she was suppose to go into heat. After a couple months of having her she went into heat and i called her to let her know. She said it was a medical issue and she needs to come get her right away and take her to the vet. I thought it was verry shady and so the next day when i called her she said i stressed the dog out because she was kennel trained and needs to be in the kennel for atleast 8 hours a day. I dont believe that! she was very happy like she just got out of prison. She was loved and well token care of so she said we would work something out either getting her back a puppy or cash. After that she would not pick up her phone ignored my calls and messages so i found out that they moved to Oregon. Still could not get ahold of her. But i finally did yesterday and she was very nice to me at first untill i said i still have the contract and i held up my end of it so we need to work something out. Then she changed her attitude and didnt want to talk to me and told me she doesnt breed anymore and im not getting anything. Well ill be contacting AKC and whomever else i need to. Ive seen alot pics of abused and neglected dogs from her its horrible and learned alot about her on my search to find her. I wouldnt let her have a pet rock! She should never beable to have any living pets. Let alone breed them so if shes trying to sell puppies to you be aware.


Name: Castle Tower Frenchies

Country: United States

State: California

City: Murrieta

Address: 41785 Kalmia St

Phone: 702-429-2407


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