Castrol Castrol Premium Lube Express Verbally abusive owner, incompetent shop staff Leander Texas!!. I run a small shop in town, and one of my clients (an elderly woman) brought her Chrysler PT Cruiser to me a couple months after she had her oil changed at this shop. She told me that an oil leak appeared after her oil change, and wanted me to check it out. After inspecting the vehicle, I found the threads of the aluminum oil pan had been stripped out by overtightening the drain plug. I took my client to the oil change shop and spoke with a service advisor, who informed us that there had been an employee there who had a habit of destroying things by overtightening them, and that he had been fired. We were informed that the manager and owner would have to be contacted to resolve the matter, but it would be taken care of. I got a phone call the next day from the manager basically accusing me of sabotaging the vehicle. He only relented when I pointed out that he had been misinformed, and that the information he had was incorrect. I was contacted by my client shortly after to inform me that the owner had set a meeting with her later that morning. I showed up shortly after my client arrived, and was immediately asked by the OWNER who stripped the oil pan threads. I replied that their shop did. I was immediately verbally assaulted by the owner, after which he got in my face, swore at me, and demanded that I leave the property. After replying that he didn’t have to get in my face, he began pushing me towards my truck, and I informed him that I would be contacting Castrol corporate offices.

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