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AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!!!! I placed 2 orders with them in the same week, which was 3 weeks before I needed to have the items in hand. They ask you what your event date is and what the latest date you can receive the items is. I put the delivery date 4 days before my event date and said that the event date was 3 days earlier (so that I had some leeway if it didn’t get there in time). nThe first package came a week later, with 1/6 of my order and a shipping invoice stating that the rest was drop shipped from a different warehouse. I was away on vacation the next week and had someone coming by the house everyday bringing in mail and packages (and feeding the dog). I got home from vacation to find a single box with 1/3 of my second order again with a shipping invoice stating that the rest would be drop shipped from a different warehouse. Neither of the ‘drop shipped’ boxes had been delivered. nI emailed asking for a tracking number and got no answer. I called them and left a voicemail explaining the situation and asking for a call back. A second email the next day also went unanswered, but I went onto the website to check the order status. It said it was shipped the day after I called (which was also the day that I had said was the latest it could arrive), but the tracking number didn’t work. The third email was answered a day and a half later by Deb telling me that she had been ill and apologized for the mishap. She said she would ‘check on the tracking number and get back to me’. After not hearing back from her when she said, I emailed again. She wrote back that evening to tell me that the package was indeed shipped out on the day that I said I needed it in hand and that it would be delivered a little over a week later! She said that they would refund my money if I didn’t want them ONCE I RETURNED THE PRODUCT TO THEM. Why they even sent the package is beyond my comprehension as I was quite clear that I needed them on that specific date. nI still have not gotten an answer about the missing products from the first order. I have not gotten a response to 5 more emails or 2 phone calls to Deb (the customer service agent, apparently), Janyce (the owner), or the general mailbox. nThey seem to think that they can keep my money, not send any product and just ignore me. This company is a complete joke and a HUGE waste of time and money. STAY AWAY!!!!!

Miami, Florida United States of America


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