Catherine Woods At Review


I see that these people are still doing the same scam. I to was scammed by these people but my puppy came to me with Parvo. Within 24 hours from getting my puppy from them she became ill and was throwing up. We took her to the vets ER and they told us that she had Parvo. After 3 hard days of having her hookedup to an IV she died. My kids was so heartbroken as this was their Christmas present. I called Catherine the very minute that they told us she had Parvo. Right from the start she became upset with us and told us that it was our fault because she didnt have Parvo on her land. Our vet told us that this puppy came to us with this. She never even offered a new puppy or any of our money back. Never even got a Sorry from her. Now I see that someone else had a problem with these same people. Please do not buy from these people Turn them into any one that you know They must be stoped. I feel so sorry for anyone else who has had to deal with them and thier puppymill. Anonymous Seattle, Washington U.S.A.

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