Cato Institute Complaint


About a week ago, I went in with a good friend of mine. She used to work there. (No she did not give a notice when leaving but that does not excuse the behavior of her former managers). We were shopping for beach clothing. We were going to buy a lot due to plenty being on the clearance racks. However, the black manager calls my friend out, in front of everyone, (not trying to be quiet about it) and says “____ since you are here, did you try and give a discount to someone?” My friend replied “no, why?” And the woman proceeded with “well it is showing in February that you did” she said this very rudely. My friend was embarrassed in front of everyone. We bought some sunglasses and that was it! We left after that embarrassment. My friend then proceeded to tells us that she would not be able to give a discount without a manager approving it in the first place. CATO will no longer get my service, especially MURPHYS CATO. No wonder people leave the corporation if managers treat past employees like that, accusing them of things that could get them in trouble in front of other customers. My friend does not know that I am making this complaint, nor should she have to find out. She was embarrassed enough as is. Shame on the manager that made these accusations. At least go somewhere private.

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