Catoosa Car Sales


Catoosa Car Sales Kent and Luke Smith Bad Car sales in Catoosa/Tulsa Catoosa Oklahoma!!. If you are looking to buy a used vehicle in the Tulsa and surrounding are do NOT buy from Luke or Kent Smith. Kent Smith ran a quality car sales business for several years. Now his son Luke has taken role as car salesmen and has lost the integrity of the business. Luke Smith took my mothers social security money knowingly after I told him several times she needed a vehicle to go see the doctor. My mother has missed two appointments because the truck Luke sold her broke down ONE week after the sell. He took goverment money given to a disabled person. We were told by his father and by Luke they would fix the vehicle. They kept my mothers truck and returned it in the same condition. Please if you are trying to find a reliable vehicle please do not go to Catoosa Car Sales. Luke Smith is a ruthless car sales man who will sell you a vehicle he knows wont work. Kent offered to allow my mother to pick another vehicle from their lot. When we arrived to switch Luke refused. He personally admitted that there was something wrong with every vehicle on the lot. Save your money and time and steer clear of Luke Smith and Catoosa Car Sales!

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