Catsmeow Silver City New Mexico Review


I already know better than to order “As seen on TV”” mechandise

so I waited until the local WalMart carried this cat entertainment toy known as Catsmeow. It was inexpensive ($10) and I only wanted one of it. I bought the new batteries required for it (size C) for an additional $5. now I have $15 invested for entertaining my Manx cat. I assembled the toy with easy to understand instructions and set on the “”hardwood”” floor. I turned it on and all that happened was the sound of gears grinding. I thought maybe I got bad batteries and went and bought another package which takes me to $20 now with the same result. I took the toy back to Walmart and exchanged the toy for another. I got the toy home assembled and went to turn it on and it did the exact same thing as the first. I took the second one back to Waqlmart and was not allowed to exchange it but I did get my money back less the battery purchase that I now have no use for. The old saying that you get what you pay for is true in this instance. My cat and I are very disapointed but be warned this toy did not do as the TV commercial shows.”

Hwy 180 West Silver City, New Mexico USA


PMB 415

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