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Cavendar Auto Sales Cavendar Auto Sales “sells loans not cars” quote from the owner to me! gainesville Georgia!!. January 2018 I purchased a Chevy Venture. We were told great things when we were signing the papers like we have our own repair shop we have a warranty and will be here to assist you in any way possible. Within 2 weeks of having the vehicle we had to take it in for repair on the engine. We waited for them to make the repair which we were told would only be a couple of hours and 5 hours later they hadn’t even began. we had to rent a car. Took them 4 days to fix the car. We got the van back had to screw in the bolts into the frame they didn’t even tighten them down. The van jerks hard when you are driving and change gears, we took it back into them they test drove it said we needed a new transmission. We again had to rent a car for a week. we get the van back the transmission they put in was used you can see the yellow junk yard paint on it. Guess what it still jerks hard when you speed up to change gears. We took it back again to tell them and were told by service that they rebuild them and they have the best guy in the state to do it. we asked is it supposed to jerk like that? he said yes that is normal. all the cars i have owed who knew. then we had problems with a coolant leak they tell us make an appointment and we will fix it. made the appointment had to rent another car so i could work, later that day i was told they misread the machine there is nothing wrong with it. last straw on August 7 i come in from the airport to come out to and see coolant leak all over my floor. they had to tow it in, i called all day on the 8th was told they would call back they do not, around 4:45 pm they told us they would fix it tomorrow was a 9 hour job. we had to rent a car again to include cab fares to get to enterprise. this time we went into cavender on August 13 never heard a word from them. supposedly they left a voicemail which we proved to them they didn’t. they even said they sent a letter, never received. Everytime we go in or call to speak with Mr. Cavendar and we complain about the poor service we were told I want to make your experience a great one i will work with you in any way but you have to understand all cars break. 8 months every month is not excessive in his eyes. After spending $1600 on car rental on top of paying $3000 in car payments over the past 8 months he says to us when you came in here you purchased a loan not a vehicle!

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