CD Baby Review

C explains it all. CD Baby is allowing artists like myself to pay for services they know they cannot provide due to whatever technical problems they say they are having. No customer service, just lip service. I”ve now paid them $55 for distribution they are not providing and it”s been 2 months. They knew their distribution capabilities were broken when I paid. They did not tell me! Now because their website is, as they say, “broken” – my music is not showing up as available on their website. This problem just cost me my eligibility for the Grammy”s this year! They disqualified me because they could not find my music available for retail purchase! My keyboard player who wrote an amazing powerful song with me is dying of liver cancer and I submitted our song to give him a chance to be publicly recognized for all of his musical contributions over the years and now he can”t even have that chance. I could have gone with another distributor, but CD Baby did not tell me they were having problems before I made my purchase. And now their contract will not allow me to distribute my music to other places. I”m stuck! I get nothing but lip service from the people at CD Baby and I”m sick of it. They”ve sabotaged thousands of artists” eligibility into the Grammys by having ALL of their digital downloads suddenly “disappear” from their website. This company is not to be trusted!

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