CD2U Cigarettes Direct To You Phoenix Arizona Review


I have been ordering cigarettes from CD2U for several years with no problems. On 12/08/09 I placed an order by phone for 1 carton of Bronco Lights 100’s. I paid with an e-check. I usually receive my order within 3-4 days.After a week went by with no delivery I checked my email to see what day the order was shipped. To my surprise I had not received an email from them with the shipping invoice. I placed a call to CD2U and was greeted with a message saying they were not accepting orders.I tried the website and it to showed a message saying they were not taking orders. I also tried their affiliate websites and received the same message. This prompt me to search the web and find out if anyone knew what was going on. I found several others who also placed orders and had their bank accounts charged but did not get their orders.

926 Ulrich Ave. Louisville KY. 40209-0428 Internet United States of America


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