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CDL Connection Dallas aka CDL Connection CDL Connection Dallas SCAM The C.D.L. Connection Mckinney TX is a joke McKinney, Texas!!. CDL Connection Dallas is a joke. I was looking to get my CDL and I was considering using CDL Connection Dallas until I actually saw their truck & trailer at a driver license office in McKinney TX. I spoke with a guy that has just failed the road test using this service & man was he upset. He paid this guy $400 to use the truck & it was his third time back to the dps office. On the third time back his written tests had expired & had to take the written all over again. He said the first time he was scheduled the truck wouldn’t pass air brake test because it kept losing air pressure. Then he had to wait 4 weeks to come back out to do the road test. The guy even said he ran into another guy that used this service & he got crewed over too. He said the other guy failed once & then the truck failed the air brake test & had to reschedule 3 weeks out which put him past his 90 days on the written tests. He had to retest like the guy I spoke to. This company tried to charge me $450 to rent the truck and the owner said go pass the written and then give them a call. They offered NO assistance in passing the written tests even though they advertise on the side of the trailer “YOU WILL PASS WRITTEN & ROAD TESTS”. The guy told me if I fail the road test I only get one more time out to re-test should I fail the road test. After reading the other reviews I decided to tell my experience. They are very shady with their business practices. I decided to do the written on my own & borrowed a friend of a friend’s truck & trailer. BEWARE of this company. My opinion run & find another option.

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