Cedar Valley Teddy Bears Complaint


About this time last year I contacted the company Cedar Valley Teddy Bears from an advertisement on Kijiji.com. The advertisment stated there were Yorkie Puppies for sale. The puppy that I requested was the one named “Rosemary.” The website also said she was a “Tiny Teacup Yorkie” and was going to be 3-4 pounds full grown. I payed extra money so that my puppy I got was the Tiny Teacup Yorkie. My dog is now full grown and is not even close to being a “Tiny Teacup, ” she is now 10 pounds according to the vet. and is completely healthy, not overweight. Yes, NOW the website says “Weight Predictions are just that. No ONE Person can tell you FOR SURE what a puppy is going to weigh and if they do 99.9% end up being wrong…” but never once did the website say anything like that nor did either of the people I talked to the 3 times I called say anything like this when I bought my puppy. If I would have wanted a regular size Yorkie I would not have spent the extra money to make sure I recieved the one that was going to be 3-4 pounds full grown. Since then I have emailed Rena and Ronald Mcbride several times about this and have yet to get a response. I believe that this website and these people are SCAMMERS. I suggest not taking the chance with these people and get your puppies from elsewhere. Maybe then you will get what you paid for.

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