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CEI Hair School / Deedria Cutting Edge SCAM CENTRAL, HOW are YOU A MINISTER but scamming people? Atlanta Georgia!!. My husband and I enrolled into this school after paying $1100 for the Labor Day Special. I paid on Aug 31st and did not hear back from them until Sept 4 AFTER having to make the first contact (should have known then it was all about the money). We signed up for Sunday classes only and completed registration on September 16, our first date of class started two weeks after paying these folks our money. On the first day of class my husbands instructor did not come at all. He was told to sit down and just watch by an unlicensed assistant barber who isnt qualified to teach without a licensed head instructor. So my husbands first day of class was not even class at all due to not having an instructor. When he informed her of this she found a new excuse, “oh Diwan Majors is the instructor” is what she said. So i searched his info and he isnt licensed as a barber or an instructor which is why he was smart to tell my husband his instructor was not there. She then claims that “oh once you get the portal info we have to pay for all that stuff and that qualifies as you being in the class.” My husband has never received his “portal information” that Deedria claims was emailed to us. I did not get my portal info until the middle of class on day 1 so that was a lie too. And this was after asking Deedria about changing programs. She is so unorganized and there for the money only but acts as though she really cares about our future. We decided after realizing that none of her instructors were licensed at the time and the unorganization and many other things that we wanted to unenroll from the program, this is only after attending ONE class, ONE. The other two times we attempted to go NOONE WAS ON TIME so we left. Thats when things took a turn. We informed her that we wanted to unenroll but did not state the real reasons why initially to her to save face. She tells us okay just send an email over and i’ll get started on the refund. So when my husband asked how it works she said she will get back to us. Now we knew it was going to be some s**t because you can see a scammer from a mile away and know when a person only wants money. This b***h tells us after she did her calculations that her policy states that she is allowed to keep 50% of the tuition (1100/2=550) minus the 150×2 withdrawal fee (ridicoulous right?) and non refundable application fee for $100x 2 so that equals a total of $50 refunded back to the student… FIFTY f**kING DOLLARS that she says she will return in 30 days. THIRTY DAYS???????!!! how broke are you to keep someones entire tuition and then take thirty days to refund them? I sent her a copied text from my online portal with the refund policy and it states that she will not retain more than 15% of the total amount of the contract, which sounds very reasonable. Thats $935 we should have got back, especially after only attending one class… well one of us at least. Anyways, I wont go into detail about all the outlnadish sh*t she said and excuses she made up, but I did file a complaint on the Secretary of State, with the Cosmetology State Board of Ga against her personally AND against CEI Hair LLC for having unlicensed instructors teach students, breaching contracts by not showing up to class during scheduled hours but whenever the hell they want too and unethical practices. I will also be taking things further because I am just so tired of people scamming us in Atlanta and thinking they can continue to get away with it. Its time to take actions against scammers with businesses. Its sad that black owned businesses are notorious for scamming their own people while acting like they’re doing something for the community. As a woman who is also a talk show host, “minister,” and everthing else.. not to forget scammer, she should have showed more compassion and integrity, LESS diginity and pride. smh. Do better, lady.

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