Celadon’s lease purchase program is a joke! They are trying to monopolize the trucking industry by buying up smaller trucking companies and they dont have the management or skills to keep their owner/operators happy. They run you just enough miles (2200-2300) to get their money and pay for the fuel. If you’re lucky you might get a $200.00 paycheck. IF you get one at all. I went 3 weeks without a check at all. This week I made a whopping $32.00. I’ve called Quality Leasing only to be told to talk to the.Operations Manager. I’ve left over 10 messages and none of my calls have been returned. I am not the only driver who has this problem.. I talked to a man last week who stuck the lease out & his truck is paid for. He had been sitting since Thursday and this was Saturday. He’s been living on cash advances. Another druver got a $3.00 paycheck So, if you’re thinking of hiring onto Celadon’s lease/purchase program DON’T! You’ll lierally loose the shirt off your back cause you won’t even be able to afford to wash it.

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