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Complaint: I received a faulty LG surround home theatre system from 11street which I ordered on the 12th December 2017 as the unit could not be controlled by the provided remote. I requested to return the product at 11street’s website a week later after I have given up trying to get it to work. The seller (a different company) called me to make and appointment to send his technicians to check the item. Before a time could be scheduled, 11street cancelled my return request without my consent. The seller sent their technicians a week plus later on the 4th January 2018, but they could not rectify it. The technicians called their boss and he had agreed to refund and return the item, so they took the item back as their boss (Mr. Leong Mobile 012-7729117 / phone 07-3612117), admitted that some units from the batch were faulty and had complaints. No documentations were given to me upon them taking it back but they assured that it is fine and told me to contact 11street. I have contacted 11street by email and by phone many times now, and they kept saying that it is still under investigation by their management even after 3.5 months. I have even emailed 11street asking them for their mailing address so that I would lodge a report or get my lawyer to write to them but they never replied. I have called the seller, Mr. Leong, who did not want to have anything to do with my complain and pushed everything to 11street. This is outright fraud. I have also been buying at Lazada for so many times and they normally refund me withing a week or two if there is a proble with the item and when I return it. I would like my money back, and if this is one of their ways to gain free financing for a quarter, i would like my money back plus interest.

Tags: E-trade, Fraudulent Warranty on Returns, Internet Sales

Address: internet Malaysia

Website: www.11street.my/

Phone: 03-27200000

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