Celltime Cellular Woodbridge New Jersey Review


I purchased a family plan from Celltime cellular in May 2006. The salesman name is Edwin. He gave me two rebates, $ 80 T-Mobile rebate and $ 80 in-store rebate. He wrote in the receipt “$80 mailed””.nWhen I went to the store

the same salesman denied the in-store rebate saying that “”””$80 mailed”” means rebate from T-mobile. nI signed up for family plan. I was surprised to see the bill that there were two individual plans for 39.99. When I complained to the salesman

he pur the blame on me that I must have asked for it. I lost only $20 in one month

but he changed the plan to Family. nI have other friends who complained that Celltime Cellular rebate checks used to bounce. nThese guys are fraud. Stay away from this store. nNisheethnWoodbridge

New JerseyU.S.A.”

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