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Complaint: Everything that you read on this site about Cellular Sales is TRUE… Except, of course, the pathetic attempts made by the SCAMMERS themselves trying to deflect any responsibility. Why on earth would there be SIX YEARS worth of reports on this company if it were fallacious and the fault of the employee… ahem “contractor”” who happened to be forced into incorporating themselves without even being able to choose what type of incorporation they were signing up for???? I have NO idea why this company is still in business! Why isn’t there a class action law suit against these greedy

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Address: evil

Website: they FORCE their employees to work 7 days a week. One of my coworkers had a seizure from working 36 shifts in ONE Month!!! Then

Phone: lying and scamming spawns from hell???? I cannot believe that people like this exist on earth. DO NOT GET A JOB WITH THIS COMPANY! They lie to their customers

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