Central Coat Center for Independent Living Complaint


CCCIL is a non profit company that treats its employees unfair, shows favortism, very racist and the executive director has her sister working as supervisor and the executive director is the supervisors boss. I thought it was illegal for two family members to work together and especially if the ed is supervising her sister. This organization made a big mistake on their system (FMS) that keeps a record of the employees. The system had over 1600 consumers, after the supervisor went into the system, they found out that over 1000 of the consumers cases should of been closed, dating back to 2002. The executive director made a statement that because of this, a lot of the employees were in trobule. Since this incident in January 2012 4 employees h ave been fired but they have 5 openings. everyone at this organization does not speak spanish, but they continue to speak spanish in front of non spanish speakers. The executive director and supervisor have became upset with employees and treat them like crap. I think this organization practices a lot of unprofessional duties and should be investigated and funding sources should also be notfied,

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