Central Florida Educators Union Review


I have been with CFE for about 5 yrs,had about 6 car loans with them.about a 2 year2 ago I closed my checking account with them because of a antiquated Online banking system that did not meet my requirements, since then I was experiencing some difficulty transferring monies from my new bank to CFE and i will confess this made me late for a couple of payments… recently I explored refinancing my car loan I had with CFE @ 8.0% with another credit union (Central florida postal union)whom gave me 2.7% so I went into CFE to get a 10 day pay-off as requested by CFPU, i encountered the CFE manager whom was rather alarmed at my leaving CFE and readily OFFERED to match the 2.7% loan offered by CFPU…but within 24hrs then called me to retract this offer because of my 2 late payments in the recent past!!! I have given this a lot of thought and I think this behavior is disgusting because if you cannot trust the word of a manger representing her bank then who can you trust? Now knowing this information is also recorded on my credit file I wrote CFE a very nice letter begging forgiveness,mentioning I have been great customer for 5 years+ and that I was now worried that the adverse information that they had put on my credit file may affect my career because my company does spot checks when a promotion is offered… the response I got was “we checked the information and its correct” So I ask myself after all said and done… these people at CFE really do not give a d*** about their lack of customer service!!! .

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