Central Management Company, LLC.


Signed a rental lease agreement and received keys. My fiance and I was told that the last tenant was hardly ever home and that the carpet was not that old and good to go. Video taped and took several photos of our findings and documented them on the inspection sheet that was provided to us. Our findings were a dead cockroach in the kitchen drawers and roach feces in the rest of the drawers. Black mold in the utility room wall beside water heater. Old caked up grease in the bottom of the oven. Pet stains in the bedroom carpet and several cigarette burns and one quarter sized burn hole. My fiance and I did not accept the apartment. Left the premises and went home to phone the resident manager Vickie Nelson and told her we were not happy with the apartment and asked her if there was another apartment available and she told me not till next month. | So a few days later called her and spoke to her husband Darrell Nelson and inquired if they received the inspection sheet that was filled out along with the keys and was told yes. Emphasized we don’t want the apartment and demanded our deposit back and was told that it was non refundable despite my fiance and I did not move in and take posession of the apartment. Then ended up talking to Vicky and now tells me. She happens to have another apartment available. How convenient after I asked her a few days ago if she had another unit available and told me no not till 1st of May. Seeked an lawyer and he sent a demand letter and there was no response from this Central Management Company. Also when the lease was signed Vicky the resident manager did not do the walk thru and it was stipulated in the lease.

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