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We are a young family. My husband and I have been married 8 years and we have three kiddos. Back in November of 2018 we toured a model home at Century Communities and fell in love with it. I was newly pregnant with our third baby and we were so excited to build a home with Century. It was our first home. We had never owned before and were thrilled to start this journey. Century seemed amazing in the beginning. The sales staff is very sweet, and very convincing in the beginning. We chose a lot and our model and signed papers to start building. We had an amazing loan and were expecting smooth sailing. Over the next 6 months we watched the house being built little by little. It was so exciting and we would drive by daily to see what new things had been added. When we signed with Century to buy the home we told them that we would need to wait until August to close on the home. I was due with our baby boy in June and we wanted to settle in with him and not be in a huge rush to move into the home. In April, when the house was about half done, Century informed us that we would be closing at the beginning of June (3 months earlier than we had agreed to close from the start). This was the first sign that Century was not what they appeared. We told them that we wouldn’t be able to close because of the baby and also because we were still saving some money that was needed to be able to purchase the home. They informed us that they would not hold our home for us that long. (Even though we had paid them earnest money and signed papers). They scheduled the closing for right around when I was due to deliver our baby. I asked them what I was supposed to do if I was in the hospital delivering at that time, and they said that if I was delivering then my husband was expected to come sign papers. I was shocked at their blatant disrespect for our family, and our original agreement. We got our realtor, Derek Gilbert, involved and we pushed them out on the closing a bit. Meanwhile I begged my midwife for an induction so we could get moving on the close because Century threatened to fine us with a hefty fee every day that we didn’t close. My baby was born on June 20th. I was home from the hospital later that afternoon and we were packing our rental house by June 21st to fit with Century’s time line. Meanwhile, they were pressuring us to close but our house wasn’t completed. There were several things that needed to be finished and several things that were done incorrectly. (Oven not installed properly, no vapor barrier under crawlspace, etc etc etc.). We had a geotechnical engineer do an inspection right before I gave birth because we had heard that our street had a higher than normal water table. The sump pump that pumps water out was running almost constantly and was flooding the backyard as well as all our neighbors backyards. (Our whole street deals with this issue). We demanded a copy of the soils report(that we should have recieved before we signed papers on our home) and it was determined that we have a water table that is so high that we are going to be dealing with severe flooding issues. Century did not disclose this information to us in the beginning. They were required by law to give us a soils report and they didn’t. We would not have bought this house had we known. After finding out about the water table issue, and after submitting the soils report to the bank(which had requested the report in the beginning), our bank decided to retract our loan offer pending Century installing a drain system on our street to mitigate the water and divert it to the storm drain. We couldn’t close. Our house was done, we had induced my labor, we had paid a ton of money to build our dream home, and now we had no loan. I spent the next two weeks (with our rental home totally packed and boxes everywhere) calling Geotechnical Engineers, the city of Aurora, contractors, etc trying to get the right info to make our bank happy so they would do our loan. Century finally got their Geo. Engineer involved that had originally signed off on the lot to be developed, and it was determined that our house was built sound, that it wouldn’t float away, and we were given the ok to proceed. We moved into our home On July 20th…exactly 1 month after our baby was born. We were happy to move in and be done with that nightmare. Century informed us about 2 months after we moved in that they would install a drain system that would completely fix the water issue for our whole street. They have told us that they submitted plans for approval with the city, that they are waiting on permits, that they are delayed for one reason or another, for almost 8 months now. We met with the Executive Vice President of Century John Healy almost two months ago regarding the drain. He apologized for the delays and took responsibility for Century not doing their part to fix an issue that they should have disclosed from the beginning. John has not made any attempt to start the drain and is not following up with my, and my neighbors, repeated calls and emails. I want Century to make this right. They have lied and cheated us from the beginning. They have forced our family to bend to their demands and pushed us around. They need to do what they promised! thank you for reading. Kelsey aurora, CO

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