Century diamonds San Francisco California Review


I wanted to give my wife a pair of diamond earrings for Christmas, I am not a big shopper and figured this was a product i could buy on line at a relitive discount because the online stores would not have the big jewlery store overhead. I did som research and found a lot of good reviews about Century Diamonds ( Most of which i have now found out were self promoted by them.) I ordered accordingly based on the guide they had and figured I was going to get a couple of nice diamonds based on the quality i selected and the comments of the order processor when i called to confirm. i place the order thnking they would ship that day as I paid extra for 2 day shipping. it turns out they did not ship for a 4 days which if i would have known it would be that long i would not have paid extra shipping charges. to get to the point of this report – when the diamonds did arrive i anchously opend the box to what 3 weeks pay looks like and I was shocked to find two milk colored dull stones. they did not even look any diamond i have ever seen. when I called i was told they are real and they “conform to the grade selected”” i said I needed to return them and get credit so I can buy my wife a real gift – they kept trying to sell me up to a more expensive product and them reluctanlty gave me a return number. I sent the return to be tracked ant signed for and I am glad I did because it have been a week and when i followed up to see where the return is at they acted like they never recieved it. i then made it clear some one signed for it and i had all of my documentation and all of a sudden they said it in fact had been recieved and is now being reviewed. I will believe the return when i actually see it on my credit card statment but at this point I do not have high hopes. in the future i will pay extra and only buy from reputable stores that have a location I can goto if there are problems.”

Culver City, California USA



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