Century Park Apartments 5801 Preston Oaks rd. Dallas , Texas 75254


My name is Diana, and my baby’s life was taken from her at this complex Century Park ( formally Oak Run appt.) I am reporting this complex to raise awareness in the community about all the Gun Violence/ Organized Crime that was going on in this complex for the sake of everyone, especially for my baby Erika Damaris Mong who’s life was taken to soon because nobody took the time to take things serious after all the deaths that had already ocuured before my baby’s life was taken. management knew about the criminal activity going on and they did nothing. The cops were called out one week before my baby’s life was taken and they did nothing. Apparently there were gun shots inside the appartment one week before my baby’s life was taken. Erika is my most preciouse jewel I had, and this is something you can never replace. I am not the first parent to loose a loved one at this complex. The only reason other people have not come forward is because they are affraid, and I am very sure that most of this other individuals who have lost their loved ones at this complex are undocumented and are afraid. I hope and pray that the JUSTICE SYSTEM dose something about this and not try to hide what is going on at this complex. It is to late for camaras, police patrol, security gaurds. Because they had police patrol before, where were they when all this young adults/kids lives were being taken. I want this people held responsible, every one that could have prevented this and did nothing, everyone is responsible. I will not allow anyone to wipe there hands clean of all this that is going on in this complex. Also the North Central Station made it very clear to the buisness owners not to let me post the flyers. That tells me someone is playing dirty. And this is why I have decided to post this. Because my baby’s life was taken at this complex. And as a mother who loves my baby so dearly it is my duty to let people and the community to be aware of what is going on, and if you see something say something. Don’t wait till it happens to your kids. If you know anything regarding my baby’s life that no one will ever be abel to replace please call DPD or crime stoppers. Please don’t stay silent. Don’t let this people get away or hide what has been going on for a long time now. The appartments since then have been remodled. I have pictures of the complex before and after. Also something that is very important to me and should be to everyone else. Why was this complex not on a Mandatory Crime Reduction Program…. If there crime rate was so high. None of this make’s any since to me. Please help us find who did this to my baby, and why managment did nothing. You can read more at the website I have created for my baby Erika at www.justiceforerika.com Thank you, Diana!

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