CEO Space International, Inc. Review


I believe that the expectations was over promised, and the membership is overpriced. As an African American Entrepreneur, I was interested in any and all opportunities to network and meet the “right people” who would assist me in marketing and securing funding for my business. So when I was pitched by a CEO Space Club President, that “You did me a favor, so I would like to do you a favor.” I was interested, but cautions. | Republicans, racist, and overpriced products CEO Space International is not an oganization that I would like to be affiliated with. I was pitched a $26,000 website from an facilty member, Berny Dohrmann presents a cult like atmosphere who praised Trump, and CEO Club President went virtual with her racist rant. | I am requesting my money back $5,000 plus $5,000 for hotel, food, and flight.

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