Ceridian Complaint


Back in June I purchased a prescription medicine from a Canadian Pharmacy because the drug is not available in the U.S., Ceridian sent me a letter requesting the receipt for the prescription, so I sent them the receipt and a copy of the Dr”s prescription slip. A couple of weeks later they sent me a denial letter and said that I would need to have Dr”s statement signed by the physician if I wish to have the claim reconsidered. I called them and they told me to download the form off of their website which I did. I had the form completed by the physician and mailed it in. A couple weeks later I was trying to purchase another prescription at my local pharmacy and discovered that the flex benefits card had been deactivated. I called Ceridian and was told that the reason it was deactivated was because the physicians statement was not in their format. After arguing with an off shore call center man for about 20 minutes I finally convinced him that the form was downloaded off of Ceridian”s website. He said the claim would be resubmitted for reconsideration. A week or so later they sent me a letter denying the claim. In the letter they requested I send a pharmacy generated receipt in order to have the claim reconsidered. Dealing with this company is a nightmare. Now every single usage of my Flex benefits card when it”s active is followed up by Ceridian sending me a request for receipt. Even office visits to the Dr. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

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