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Certified Car bank within a couple of weeks after placing an ad on Kijiji to sell my truck, I received a phone call from certified car bank describing how they can help me sell it. Even after explaining to them that I am on limited funds from disability, they assured me that they could sell my vehicle and get my money back as well as a bit of a profit for myself. after several weeks I called and was told that if I sold the vehicle myself or traded it in, they would compensate me by giving me either fuel vouchers or restaurant vouchers totaling $300. I did receive an email stating that to redeem them, I could follow step by step instructions in their cash back rewards program but I have not been able to locate such a program anywhere and they do not have a website to go to to do this. I have now lost all that money & I do hope to reach our local media in order to bring this to the attention of the public. Nationwide!!. The initial contact with this company is just as others have posted and reaches Canadian residents also. Same thing happened to me last April & in a corresponding email they sent me, it states that if I sell my own vehicle or trade it, I can redeem vouchers totaling $300 from their cash back rewards program. There is no such thing. I hope to reach our local media to bring this to the publics attention so that this can be stopped and those involved will be caught and criminally charged.

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