Certified Tire Garden Grove


Certified Tire Garden Grove Robert with Goodyear’s Certified Tire Garden Grove Scam Artist, Spiteful, And vindictive Garden Grove California!!. DONT NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I took my Ford in to have my wheel bearing replaced (8 dollar part) Robert (((Redacted))) told me the rotors had been worn down and the breaks needed to be replaced. Against my own advisement I decided to get the work done. It coast $800 and he claimed he would replace both front rotors, brake pads, and clean the break lines. The same issue has come back up and now Robert is being spiteful because we did not want to get our radiator replaced by him for $600. We took the Ford in and he slammed us for not getting the work done by him and told us there is no telling when he can look at our car. That would be fine but two other people came in while this was going on and he told them they would been seen today. Robert is a dishonest dirt bag that I wish I could go down there and split his other lip. Unless you want to be ripped off stay far away!

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