Cest Bon Cattery Review


The Cest Bon Cattery is selling sphynx kittens with HCM, a fatal heart disease. We have purchased two kittens from them, one died at age 7 and other is 8 and will die any day of the same disease. When we contacted Cest Bon to let them know their cats have HCM, they told us they no longer bred sphynx. We subsequently learned this is not the case. “Mommy” as she refers to herself lied and we caught her. Death by HCM is very painful for the cats and Sphynx are prone to this disease. Plese do not buy a kitten from them as you are only encouraging them to continue breeding cats with this horrible disease. You will spend thousands of dollars on vet bills and your pet will suffer. These people are the worse kind of breeders there are and you should avoid them at all costs. .

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