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I called said company in the summer of 2009. I needed a live-in housekeeper. A representative named Jane told me the workers and company were licensed, bonded, and insured. They put me in contact with a 43 year woman named Hilda Lara. She has a son Eric, and a daughter Michelle. I paid Hilda $2, 000.00 per month, and she ended up being a day-worker. Since she was supposed to licensed, bonded and insured, I trusted her implicitly, and caught up on a great deal of work I had become behind on. After 3 months, I noticed a lot of my belongings were missing. I asked Hilda to take a lie detector test and she initially said yes, then refused. She failed to return to work after that. So I took an inventory based upon memory and found about 1/3 of my clothing was missing. I have a huge walk-in closet, a lot of designer clothes and cashmere sweaters. In fact about $25, 000.00 worth of items were missing, at least. You name it, she stole it. Anything she could. I called the company to file a claim, and Jane and Nancy said they were not licensed, bonded, or insured after all. They were not even a legit company, their DBA had expired and they were using a version of another staffing company’s name. I should have been more cautious and verified their allegations, done background checks, and watched Hilda more closely. Last I heard Hilda was on welfare, or general relief while driving a BMW and owning two homes, one in Mexico. I believe she was also getting alimony, and had another car, and her daughter was on a full scholarship to UCSD with her dorm likely furnished with my pots, pans, and other possessions, wearing my cashmere clothes. The rotund Hilda could not fit in my clothes, so I can only assume she gave them to her daughter, or her skinny, and shady best friend. Caveat emptor! The company had listed a phony address too. They staff homes supposedly in Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, La Costa, Carlsbad, and other exclusive enclaves in San Diego County. Hilda is on the internet claiming to have a home in Mexico, being in her 30’s and is looking for some sucker to support her.

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