Challenger Pools (Tampa, FL) Review


Pool built with incorrect shape, water fan sprays leak after 7 repairs, over 30% of pavers are chipped/cracked, pool finish damaged. Brand new pool. On January 6th we signed a contract with Challenger pools to build a swimming pool in the agreed shape, paver deck and screen. At first Challenger brought in the wrong equipment to dig our pool. All issues began on March 1st when we returned from a week vacation and noticed the paver deck and screen already done. The paver deck was uneven, with multiple pavers lower/higher and not leveled correctly for the drainage. Challenger sent their paver contractors seven times to our house; the contractors enter the property without permission, ruin the landscape, mess up the paver pattern and during the last visit refused to replace chipped/cracked pavers. For the paver deck installed less than a month ago, we have over 30% of chipped/cracked pavers. Our construction manager tells us this is because our pavers were exposed to the sun a lot where they were held before put in our back yard. Well, the pavers will be exposed to the sun as they are on the sun deck. As of today we still have about 30% of pavers that are either covered with white substance and chipped/damaged and nobody is replacing them. We also paid $500 for the water fan sprays; since they were installed, Challenger sent repairman over 8 times to fix them, re-do the pipes, clean the pipes, re-do the deck, etc. and they are STILL LEAKING in the ON position. Fan sprays are not supposed to leak through the eyeball when in the ON position. They also leak in the OFF position longer than 5 minutes which is a huge concern. Challenger can’t fix them and does more damage (undoing the paver deck, putting dirt in our pool, ruining the plants on the deck) every time they come and try to fix it. Our pool finish is chipping off with white in four spots on the steps. Construction manager told us he put in a work order but “”more than likely nobody will come out now until the finish cures”” as he said. It has been almost three weeks, plenty of time for the finish to cure so it all needs to be fixed. We have left five v/m for the owner over the past week and sent three emails. The owner told us on April 4th that everything would be fixed and since then neither he nor construction manager are returning our calls. Their office also failed to provide the last lien releases for the trades as our finance company paid in full for the pool. They also did not send us the referral check which we were told would be sent a month ago by our sales rep. We tried contacting our sales rep several times but his tone in texts to us was so rude, he told us to “”stop playing silly games”” or the “”pool would not be finished”” and other inappropriate stuff. As of right now, Challenger is not returning our calls or v/m to construction manager and owner, the deck is not fixed, the fan sprays are not fixed as they area leaking, the pool finish is coming off and the pool was build the “”free form”” shape as we later found out as it’s not even on both sides. We were assured during the contract signing by the sales rep that the pool would be evenly shaped from both sides and our accent red pavers were re-done four times and still the left side is not even from the right by two and a half tiles as Challenger admitted they built it not even so it’s a visible defect. In addition, we lost a lot of water when filling up the pool as Challenger forgot to connect the skimmer to the pipes and we were losing an inch of water every hour. Challenger only fixed it two days after we notified them so they need to compensate us for the lost water. All of the above is under warranty and the final inspection is still not done. .

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