Champion Federal Mogul Declined rebate El Paso, Texas!!. Seen an online add for a mail-in rebate for Champion Spark Plugs. I decided that instead of driving to the nearest dealerhsip for spark plugs, I would utilize the rebate and order the spark plugs on-line. It should be noted I live in a small town without a dealership, service center or even an auto parts store. After ordering, I went online to print off the rebate form and its states if parts were ordered on-line I needed to include the packing slip with the reabte. Shipment arrived about a month after ordering (28 days). The following day I filled out the rebate form, included the packing slip and took it to the post office. I was informed on Dec 26th that my rebate was declined as it was not postmarked within 14 days of purchase. I wrote a response to Federal Mogul advising that due to shipping, I simply could not have sbmitted within that timeframe. They responded that since my rebate was not postmarked within 19 days of purchase they were unable to process. I’m not sure how/why the timeframe changed from 14 to 19 days – but in either case I lose. I opted to select Champion products and ship them in simply because of this rebate. I would have been better off driving to the nearest dealerhsip. At least they take advantage of people up front instead of delaying it with the false promise of a rebate.

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