Chandler Chiropractic Clinic Review


Their is a prominent chiropractor in Greenville SC that back in 2008 decided that like many women wanted a family, well seeing she could not conceive the traditional way, she resorted to a fertility doctor, payed some where in the range of 25 thousand dollors to achieve this, was sucsessful and conceived twins, their were complications and the children were born 3 months early, were in nicu for 8 weeks and where strong enough @ this point to come home. Upon arriving home w/ their two bundles of joy this Doctor proceeded to contact the department of social services in greenville sc and started to receive help from the state, wic, physical therapists, weekly evaluations by a number of special needs specialist and 90% of her hospital bill payed by the state of sc, and that’s just a small part of the story. This Doctor not only payed cash(wrote a check that didn’t bounce) to conceive these children, but owns three or more rental homes, paid cash for a brand new car in 2010 and put down a very large amount on her home in a very prominent community in greenville and is on government asst, WHAT IS WRONG W/ THIS PICTURE? In 1989 when I needed heip from this state I was told to sell my car my only means to get to any one of my three jobs and they offered me $ 27 a month in foodstamps. It’s people like this that is shutting our system down and taking food out of starving children’s mouths. People like this person needs to be brought to justice and made to pay back every penny and then some, the average joe would be put under the jail!!! does this get under anyone else skin?

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