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Complaint: We signed a contract with them to provide multichannel marketing of our products this was to take 4-6 weeks, at 13 weeks they still had provided nothing but insisted it would be just a couple more days, at 15 weeks we pleaded with them to put just one item up to show good faith we even offered to pay them thousands more. No they answered insisting everything would be up in a couple weeks at 6 months we were contacted because they were no longer receiving payment for the services they have never provided and insisted that everything had launched on eBay and the Amazon launch would only take a few more weeks. Sadly they had not launched anything but simply collected information we had posted on eBay ourselves scrambled the information and spit it back to eBay, pictures did not match descriptions did not match pricing did not match quantities. Other items were duplicated and some just completely eliminated. They have cost our company at least $25k it is clear to us that they are not simply incompetent. They clearly did not intend to provide the services contracted for since they were unwilling to show us how to post just one listing to the multiple websites as promised, not even one listing to two websites. They continue to hire sales people and to continue to sell this scam collecting money from unsuspecting clients and using the proceeds to not to provide the services but instead to collect more clients. Itu2019s time for CNBC Jim Cramer to have the CEO back on to explain his Madoff style Ponzi scheme.

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