Channel Factory LLC Review


Highest turnover of any company seen for any employee. People quit monthly due to the negative environment created and encouraged by management and staff that have been there longest, causing high turnover. When first hired they try to make you agree to staying over a year with them, however many employees soon see why they do this, and many frequently quit before a year to find better jobs at more professional companies. This company’s CEO Tony Chen used to call Channel factory Yellow Thunder media but due to fraud and scam he had to change names to fool business partners. | This company is known in the major cities as a crook that doesn’t pay vendors, doesn’t work professionally with government monitored account clients and many vendors will not touch the company with a ten foot pole. Here is an article with more in depth information on CEO Tony Chens tactics They pay sites like ,Glassdoor to remove honest 1 star reviews by many employees and pay some to write 5 star ones lying about the 1 star reviews. The company thrives on harassment and has no visible HR. The men in management are weak and backwards with misogynistic attitudes and locker room talk. | The main staff overall are very unintelligent, ugly and hostile and show strange behaviors in work office and management contributes if not directly enables this kindergarten harassment of employees. Constant workplace drinking to look cool but seeming pathetic as many employees have lives outside of the company, however certain management seems to think their positions in the company is their life and have grandiose delusions. The management is poor and have obviously never worked in a real legal setting or corporate office where professionalism is prevalent. This is the poorest place to work mentally and career wise. They steal ideas without crediting and work off plagiarism and mistreat honest hard working employees. | The same cycle of partying,pathetic gossip, and misery has gone on for 7 years with no change or progress in this corrupt company. Doesn’t pay employees on time in order to give corrupt and lazy management raises. The sales and accounts people are the worst and terrible at their jobs, have no lives, and live for the office gossip and harass employees that don’t care about them. They are always late, hungover and complaining and never working, just making other employees do their work, and also they are always drinking, and it isn’t cool contrary to what they seem to think, it’s sad and shows they depend on the company for sad social lives while other employees have lives outside of the tiny and immature office.


Name: Channel Factory LLC

Country: United States

State: California

City: Beverly Hills

Address: 8383 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 930

Phone: 323-852-8788


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